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Salt separation technology

Salt separation technology

The new concept is adopted to solve the problem of wastewater treatment, which can realize the resource recycling of water and salt for different salty wastewater, and completely solve the problem of zero-discharge terminal miscellaneous salt hazardous waste.

Product Details

    By adopting a new concept to solve problems of wastewater treatment, Sotec is able to recycling of water and salt from different types of saline wastewater, completely solving the problem of hazardous waste with impure salt at the end of zero-discharge system. With the world leading technologies of salt separation and recycling, Sotec can meet the salt separation needs for wastewater with different salinity ratios, and obtain high-quality sulfate and sodium chloride.

Process flow


Application Fields

·Chemical processing of coal

·Oil and gas drilling and chemical processing

·Pharmaceutical fermentation

·Chemical processing of salt

Core of salt separation

     The core of salt separation lies in the “separation”. That contents and ratio of salt in high-salinity water are different by water makes the separation difficult. In addition, it is also hard to separate high COD, ammonia nitrogen and nitrate.

Our core is to separate salt through the high-pressure disc tube nanofiltration (DTNF) system.

Importance of salt separation

·Economic value: Save considerable costs for hazardous waste treatment for enterprises, and turn waste into treasure, creating economic value   

·Environmental protection: greatly reduce the hazardous waste treatment and the environmental load

·Corporate influence: relieve the pressure of environmental risks, and improve corporate image and competitiveness