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Oil and gas drilling wastewater

     Oil and gas drilling wastewater includes: drilling wastewater, fracturing flowback fluid, produced water, etc.

     Characteristics of oil and gas field water: high hardness, high COD, colloidal content, significant fluctuations in water quality, etc.

     In the oil and gas drilling wastewater treatment industry, Sotec Environmental is the first domestic company to carry out large-scale engineering applications of DTRO. It boasts engineering cases with different water quality in multiple blocks in China and mature engineering application experience.

  Advantages of DTRO/WTRO-based treatment of oil and gas field water

        Good anti-pollution performance: highly tolerant to COD, adaptable to fluctuations of water quality in a wide  range, and producing water with                      stable quality

        Effective treatment: effluent water quality meets the discharge standard of Table 1

        Significant reduction of sewage: high concentration of high-salinity water, reducing post-treatment evaporated water

        Highly integrated equipment: modular equipment, easy to move, allowing process combinations

        Low equipment power: a single set of equipment has low operating power and is suitable for mobile 

Typical application cases





 Lvke central treating station of Sulige Gas Field in Inner Mongolia Advanced oxidation +UF+DTRO+MVR 400m3/d 2016.06
Operating services for Suining Botong treating station of PetroChina Chuanzhong Oil & Gas Field Pretreatment + DTRO+(MVR) 800m3/d 2017.04
Ruiyuan central treating station of fracturing flowback fluid from CNPC Sulige Gas Field in Inner Mongolia Advanced oxidation +UF+DTRO 600m3/d 2019.12
Operating services for Suining Moxi treating station of Petro China Chuanzhong Oil & Gas Field  Pretreatment +DTRO+MVR 600m3/d 2018.07
  Emergency project of CNPC’s shale gas project in Dazu, Chongqing 
Advanced oxidation + TMF+ high-pressure DTRO  600m3/d 2018.08
CNOOC and Tianjin Bihai Environmental Protection emergency wastewater treatment project  Pretreatment + high-pressure DTRO  600m3/d 2019.02
Sinopec Energy and Environmental shale gas produced water integrated equipment project
 Pretreatment + high-pressure DTRO+RO
50m3/d 2019.04
Trial project for Sinopec Southwest Oilfield Service’s project in Deyang Pretreatment +high-pressure two-stage DTRO 100m3/d 2019.08
Project of produced water membrane system equipment for Sinopec Fuling Shale Gas DTRO+RO high-and-low-pressure system  1600m3/d 2019.10
Project for treatment of natural gas produced water of Inner Mongolia Yuhongxin  Pretreatment + MBR+DTRO+MVR (salt separation) 800m3/d 2020.03