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Wide tube membrane technology

Wide tube membrane technology

A self-developed wide-channel tube-type anti-pollution membrane technology specifically for large-flow sewage treatment and reclaimed water reuse.

Product Details

    WT, or Wide Tube Module, is a wide tube membrane technology which is independently developed by Sotec for large-flow sewage treatment and reclaimed water reuse. Boasting a special open screen for concentrated water, the technology has strong anti-pollution capacity and lower requirement for pretreatment. In addition, it has the same design mode with DT module, with high pressure resistance, low energy consumption, high recycling rate and other features.

Technical Parameters

Item unit WT WT-MP
Effective membrane area m2 27.5 25
Inlet water flow range m3/h 6-12
Maximum cleaning temperature oC 45
Maximum operating temperature oC 800-1200
PH range   3-11
Maximum operating pressure Bar 75 90
Operating pressure Bar 30-70 40-90
Total component length mm 1400 1400
Outer diameter of membrane shell mm 214 224

Main Technical Features

Superiority in Application

·Direct treatment of highly concentrated polluted wastewater

·Reclaimed water reuse at low costs

·Reclaimed water reuse at low costs

Application Fields

·Desulfurization wastewater from power plant

·Pharmaceutical fermentation

·Chemical processing of salt

·Advanced reclaimed water reuse