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Chengdu Shuote Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2014 and is a high-tech enterprise of high-pressure membranes. In the field of petrochemical, pharmaceutical wastewater, leachate concentrate full treatment, high-pressure anti-pollution membrane technology research and development innovation and technical application, we provide customers with leachate concentrate full treatment, industrial water treatment equipment engineering and industrial wastewater salt recycling system solutions Program. You are welcome to join, and those interested can send your resume to hr

Job Title Work Place Number Deadline
Process engineer sichuan chengdu 2 2022-12-31


1. Completed the compilation, adjustment and optimization of (bidding) technical schemes, carried out the preliminary process drawing design, and cooperated with sales staff to conduct technical exchanges with customers or bid defense;

2. Responsible for process refinement design according to the contract, agreement and customer design input data;

3. Make technical disclosure to purchasing department, design department, production department and engineering center during project implementation; According to the project requirements, participate in or assist the project process debugging;

4. Responsible for implementing and solving the design related problems in the process of project implementation;

5. According to the arrangement of the department manager, regularly improve the standardization of commonly used mature process design, and output: standard technical scheme, flow chart, process list, etc.;

6. Completed other matters assigned by leaders.

【Job specification】


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in chemistry and chemical engineering, thermal energy and power, environment, etc is preferred, with solid basic professional knowledge;

2. More than one year of environmental protection water treatment related work experience, familiar with commonly used water treatment technology or membrane treatment related technology; We also welcome outstanding graduates.

3. Proficient in AutoCAD drawing software, with certain English reading ability;

4. Careful and patient in work, good communication skills, writing skills and writing skills;

5. Welcome outstanding graduates to join us.

Equipment commissioning engineer sichuan chengdu 3 2022-12-31


1. Equipment debugging, complete process inspection, power-on inspection, parameter setting and overall performance verification of the equipment, and make inspection records.

2. Delivery inspection of parts, complete the inspection of outgoing materials within the specified time, deal with abnormal problems in delivery timely, record and summarize the problems in delivery inspection.

3. Complete the equipment inventory within the specified time, and cooperate with the warehouse and production to complete the material clearance

4. Recorded and archived the relevant quality reports, and made monthly statistics

5. Responsible for handling, tracking and recording the nonconformity of process inspection.

【Job specification】

1. Have professional inspection knowledge and skills, familiar with process inspection standards and inspection methods, proficient in using inspection tools and instruments;

2. Computer office knowledge, basic electrical knowledge, basic mechanical knowledge;

3. Good ability of problem finding and analysis;

4. Strong communication and coordination skills;

5. can adapt to short-term business trips.

Management Trainee-Electromechanical direction Nationwide 5 2022-12-31

【Post requirements】

Education: Bachelor degree or above

Major: Electrical engineering and automation, process equipment and control engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, mechatronics, etc

【Other requirements】

1. Sincere and practical, with strong practical ability, execution ability and communication ability;

2. Familiar with professional design software;

3. Be able to travel;

4, love environmental protection, aspiring to join the cause of environmental protection.

【Professional direction】

Electrical engineer, mechanical design engineer, evaporation engineer, technical support engineer, operation and maintenance engineer, installation and commissioning engineer

Management Trainee-Environmental protection technology direction sichuan chengdu 5 2022-12-31

 【Post requirements】

Education: Bachelor degree or above

Major: Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Applied Chemistry, Thermal Energy and Power Engineering

【Other Requirements】

1. Good at thinking and excellent learning ability;

2. Excellent teamwork spirit, coordination and communication skills;

3, hard-working, can adapt to business trips;

4, love environmental protection, aspiring to join the cause of environmental protection.

【Professional direction】

Technical R&D Engineer (graduate degree preferred), Process Engineer, Installation and commissioning Engineer, water treatment Engineer, Operation and maintenance Engineer, after-sales service Engineer

Sales area manager/sales engineer Nationwide 5 2022-12-31

【Job Responsibilities】

1. Collect potential customer information and develop customers through various channels;

2. Develop personal monthly, quarterly, and annual plans, break down company sales tasks, and complete individual and team sales targets;

3. Make a hospitable relationship, be responsible for the development of new customers and the maintenance of old customers, record the development of customers, and assist/guide colleagues in the development work;

4. Conduct market surveys and research, formulate market development action plans, collect and provide market intelligence, and understand the status of competitors;

5. Do a good job in the promotion of new products and market expansion;

6. Responsible for the collection of payment from customers of individuals and the team they lead, and handle complaints from customers of individuals and the team they lead;

7. Submit written weekly, monthly, and annual work plans and summaries to the department manager regularly as required, and complete the written work log daily;

8. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.

【Job Requirements】

1. College degree or above, major in environment, chemical engineering, marketing and related fields, and can accept outstanding undergraduate graduates;

2. Sales experience in power plants, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and oil and gas exploration is preferred, customer resources in related industries are preferred, and zero emission experience in environmental protection engineering projects is preferred;

3. Possess strong market analysis, marketing, promotion skills, good interpersonal communication, coordination skills, analysis and problem-solving skills;

4. Have certain business negotiation skills and engineering project operation process;

5. Honest and pragmatic, strong sense of responsibility;

6. Can adapt to business trips.