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Project of central environmental supervision and rectification of household waste landfill in Bozhou District, Zunyi and

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The New Urban Zone Domestic Waste Sanitary Landfill (Bozhou Waste Landfill) in Zunyi City, Guizhou Province is mainly responsible for the treatment of domestic waste from Bozhou District and surrounding areas of Zunyi. In order to eliminate the leachate accumulated in the reservoir area of Bozhou Waste Landfill during the flood season as soon as possible, and relieve the pressure on the dam of reservoir area, the landfill owner has entrusted Sotec to treat leachate.

Operation time: July 2019

Treatment scale: 500m3/d

Treatment process: Two-stage DTRO

Effluent standard: Effluent water quality meets the standards in Table 3 of the Standard for Pollution