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Project of Sulige Gas Field fracturing flowback fluid treatment Phase II expansion of Ordos Haoxin Ruiyuan Kejing Engine

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The oilfield waste central treating plant of Ordos Haoxin Ruiyuan Kejing Engineering Co., Ltd. is located on east side of the place 32km from Axiao Line in Zarigegacha, Xini Town, Hangjin Banner and covers an area of 260 mu. This project involves a fracturing flowback liquid wastewater treatment system.

Treatment scale: 600m3/d

Treatment process: “Air flotation + Fenton oxidation + softening + sand filtration + ultrafiltration + DTRO” combined treatment process

Effluent standard: Produced water meets both Level 1 of the Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard (GB8978-1996) and The Reuse of Urban Recycling Water—Water Quality Standard for Urban Miscellaneous Water Consumption and is discharged up to the standard