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"Hand protection of nature, walking clean mountain" | also Fengqi mountain a green

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As a practitioner of "protecting green water and green mountains", on September 22, Shuote Technology labor Union organized the company's employees to Fengqi Mountain to carry out green and low-carbon environmental protection activities of "hand protection of nature, hiking clean mountains".


Treasure hunt

On the day of the activity, the participants carried out a "treasure hunt" activity in the Jiezi ancient town, the site was divided into 5 groups, according to the rules of the activity, each group needs to find the panoramic location of 10 screenshots in the ancient town, and the whole group punched a photo, these screenshots include the landmark buildings of the ancient town, historical sites, etc., each place has its own unique charm and story. Participants are required to complete the task within the prescribed time, while also paying attention to safety and observing the regulations and etiquette of the ancient town. Throughout the activity, the participants gave full play to the spirit of teamwork and helped each other to complete the task together. In the end, each group submitted the panorama photos of the 10 screenshots found by the team as required, and the organizer selected the top three teams with excellent results in the first half of the activity. This "treasure hunt" activity not only allowed participants to better understand and enjoy the beauty of Jiezi Ancient Town, but also let everyone experience the fun and challenge of teamwork.



Hand protection of nature

After the treasure hunt, everyone took a break and entered from "Kang Road" at 1 PM. Each group received garbage bags and garbage clips and began to climb the steps along the hiking trail. Participants actively act along the way, as long as the naked eye, as long as it will affect the scenery of the garbage will be picked up into the garbage bag, as those hidden in the woods, they need to step down a deep foot, a shallow foot, in the team's support and help to clean it up. From the bottom of the mountain to the top, the top to the bottom of the mountain, after three and a half hours, each group's hands were full of garbage bags, and the sides of the hiking trail became cleaner.





According to the overall ranking of the two activities of Jiezi Guzhen "Treasure hunting" and "Kangdao Garbage picking", the powder team, the Orange team and the blue team respectively won the first, second and third place of the "hand protection of nature, hiking clean mountain" activity, and Cui Honghua, chairman of Shuote Technology trade Union, presented the award to the winning team.

awards ceremony



In this activity, Shuote people take practical actions to promote the ecological concept of health, green and environmental protection, and some of the Shuote operators who failed to participate in the activity are interpreting the mission of "Shuote Net world" with another action. They stick to their posts in the north and south of the motherland, inside and outside the Great Wall, and do not forget the original intention. Forge ahead for the cause of environmental protection water treatment!