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Live news | 2023 Henan Municipal Solid Waste treatment Industry Green and low-carbon Development Forum

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On September 27, hosted by Henan Municipal Public Utilities Association and guided by Henan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Henan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment and Puyang Municipal People's Government, "2023 Urban solid waste treatment industry Green low-carbon Development Forum and Henan Province's eighth urban and rural environmental health facilities equipment and solid waste treatment technology Expo, urban landscaping machinery exhibition exchange meeting" was held in Puyang City. With the theme of "Promoting green and low-carbon development of environmental sanitation, building ecological civilization and beautiful urban and rural areas", discussions and studies were carried out around the green and low-carbon development of the industry, the classification and utilization of domestic waste and the utilization of resources, and the treatment of kitchen waste.


As a professional supplier of comprehensive solutions for the treatment of all kinds of high-salt and high-concentration wastewater, Shuote Technology was invited to attend this seminar with "TLDR concentrated landfill leachate non-evaporative full treatment Technology". Landfill leachate is formed due to long-term accumulation, fermentation and dissolution, and contains a lot of toxic and harmful substances. For the high pollution index of leachate such as high ammonia nitrogen, high salt and high COD, Shuote Technology has independently developed and designed TLDR technology, which is the first technology in China, and can use resource recovery and disposal of high ammonia nitrogen, thoroughly treat concentrated water, and achieve full treatment of leachate concentrate. Now a number of engineering demonstration projects have been established in China. Leaders of various departments and representatives of relevant enterprises came to Shuote booth for consultation, and the atmosphere of communication and exchange was very warm.






The meeting fully demonstrated the latest water treatment technology of Shuote technology to customers in Henan region, and Shuote will always uphold the concept of "committed to solving problems for customers" to provide customers with better equipment products and services.