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Convey love by heart | Sotec Technology carries out heart-warming activities for caring for elderly people living alone

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With the continuous cold rain falling recently, the temperature in the urban area of Chengdu has plummeted, and the elderly living alone under the district of Shuote Technology live in winter. On the morning of November 13, Shuote Technology and Xiangzhang Community of Chenglong Road Street carried out activities to visit the elderly living alone, widows and orphans, and empty nesters in the district, caring for the elderly living alone and learning more about their lives.

Public welfare volunteers from Shuote Technology came to the homes of the elderly people, sent them living supplies and winter items, chatted with them, gossiped about their daily lives and physical conditions in detail. At the same time, the elderly are told to pay attention to fire prevention and theft, ensure home safety, and pay attention to avoid stacking flammable items near the home. Especially remind the elderly to use heating appliances in winter to follow the safety standards; All power and gas valves must be turned off before going out or leaving the kitchen to avoid accidents.



As a high-tech environmental protection enterprise focusing on the field of water treatment, Sotec Technology actively and diligently promotes the development of environmental protection, but also always pays attention to the people's livelihood and gives back to the society. Interpret the responsibility of social responsibility with practical actions, convey the love for the elderly living alone, and let these empty nesters feel the warmth of society. It is hoped that through such public welfare activities, more people can understand the living situation of elderly people living alone, and enhance the awareness of the whole society to care for empty nesters. The public welfare volunteer team of Shuote Technology said that it will continue to pay attention to the living conditions of the elderly, regularly carry out such public welfare activities, and also call on more caring people to participate in the team of caring for the elderly, and use practical actions to convey the care and warmth of the society, and build a harmonious and beautiful social atmosphere.