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Charging and powering, new journey | The first phase of operation project supervisor ability improvement training camp s

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In order to improve the company's operation project management level, enhance the comprehensive ability of the operation team, and combine the actual needs of operation project management, the operation and maintenance center and the Human resources Department jointly launched the operation project supervisor ability improvement training camp, which was successfully opened on November 15 and lasted for 4 days. The company's project operation supervisor participated in the training.


Camp opens!

The main line of the training camp is to help the operation supervisor improve the comprehensive management ability. The multi-theme offline training comprehensively improves the professional skills of the operation supervisor, and integrates the theme content of management skills, professional skills and comprehensive skills. Set up a wealth of training activities and practical tasks, and the use of group PK and individual points PK learning mode to fully mobilize the participation of students, to promote the transformation of learning actions and the achievement of learning results.


23.jpgCamp closing ceremony

The morning of November 18 ushered in the last activity of the training camp - the camp closing ceremony. He Jinsong, Director of operation and Maintenance, commended the outstanding teams and individuals in the training camp, and put forward requirements and expectations for the students, who need to better complete self-improvement, do a good job in the project they are responsible for, and build a quality team. I hope that everyone will not be afraid of difficulties, share a win-win situation with the company, gather together, and write a new chapter of high-quality development of the company.





At this point, the 2023 operation project supervisor ability improvement training camp of Shuote Technology has come to a successful end, hoping that the node of the training camp will become a new starting point for the operation executives, open a new journey of team management, and lead the team to create greater value for customers and the company.

In the future, Shuote Technology will continue to uphold the talent development strategy of "talent quality improvement", and bring more inspiration and improvement of different thinking perspectives to managers and employees with the help of enabling mechanisms such as training camps and research groups.